What are the Benefits of a Do It Yourself Divorce in Hialeah, FL?

do it yourself divorce in HialeahWhen deciding between getting a lawyer for your divorce or to take part in a do it yourself divorce in Hialeah, FL it is important to think about what you are wanting to get out of the experience. Whether you are wanting to save money, you feel comfortable doing the work, you are concerned about getting the job done correctly, or you want to be aware of every step of the process, these may help you decide which direction you may want to go.


  • If you are wanting to save money, a do it yourself divorce in Hialeah, FL would be your best option. We are able to save you time and money with our divorce packets. Not to mention, our packets are built to help many different circumstances, so you are not limited to your rights.
  • Completing a do it yourself divorce in Hialeah, FL may be best for you if you feel comfortable completing the files on your own. You and your spouse may be very easy to decipher who gets what and the use of a lawyer would only complicate matters. If there is an instance where you do need assistance, we are always there to help give the best advice available.
  • Document printer and copierWhile trusting a lawyer to get the work done throughout your divorce isn’t far-fetched. But, because you are putting your divorce in the hands of someone else, you are giving them free reign to decide what is best for you. We strive to make sure our divorce packets allow you to make every decision so you are getting exactly what you want after the divorce.
  • When you choose to take part in our do it yourself divorce in Hialeah, FL you will be aware of every step of the process so you won’t be left out of the loop. Lawyers tend to take matters into their own hands and fill you in on minor details. A do it yourself divorce ensures that you are always in the know when it comes to your divorce.

By resolving your divorce without the need of court, you have control of the situation and can stop mixed signals. If you and your spouse agreed to keep your divorce simple and easy, there is no need for an intermittent lawyer. Take your divorce into your own hands and contact Florida Divorce Law at (954) 344-7737 today!

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