What is a No Lawyer Divorce in Bonita Springs?

Bonita SpringsIt may seem like no one understands your situation in the entire world, but we do at Florida Divorce Law. Your schedule is full, your money is tight, you haven’t been getting any sleep, you can’t remember the last time you had time to yourself, and now you are beginning to file for divorce. We know your concerns. Where will you get the money for an attorney, and where will you get the time to attend court dates and fill out paperwork in your jammed pack schedule. We have the answer for a no lawyer divorce in Bonita Springs.

“Give me a break!” has been on your mind constantly and it has finally arrived. We offer a very significant and simple divorce kit that will cost you close to nothing and take little to no time. As long as you and your spouse don’t contest the separation, you can have a lawyer free divorce in Bonita Springs without stepping in court. Technology has been in our lives for a couple decades now and it continues to progress. You’d think the option to file for online divorce in Bonita Springs would be an option before now. Luckily, we have made the strides to ensure this is an option for people everywhere who need a way out.

We understand that marriage is sacred, yet happiness is far more important when living life. Being miserable in a marriage isn’t helpful to anyone. Not you, your spouse, children, or your family friends. While you can try to make it work, sometimes it isn’t in the cards. Here at Florida Divorce Law, we make the divorce and family legal process easy for you. Follow your heart and don’t break the bank.

Nancy K. BrodzkiWe know how relationships operate and occasionally end. The founder of our law firm, attorney Nancy K. Brodzki, has been practicing law for 30 years and has devoted her practice to family law. By serving as a natural mediator for couples who strive to settle their issues between one another, she takes it upon herself to mediate between both spouses without the help of another attorney. This not only reduces controversy, but also reduces the money spent between the two spouses.

By dedicating her life and practice to settling disputes in a simple and easy way, Ms. Brodzki has helped many families separate in a peaceful manner with a no lawyer divorce in Bonita Springs. If you want to avoid the drama of court, use your time for better deeds, and save some extra cash, look no further than Florida Divorce Law. Contact us today at (954) 344-7737 for more information!

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